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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year: Emerald Green for the Home

    When it comes to trends, none are more acknowledged in the fashion and decor world than Pantone's Color of the Year. As you may have heard, their top pick for 2013 is emerald green - a stunner of a color. While this color is easily added to wardrobes across the globe, sometimes it can be tough to incorporate into your home decor without recreating the Emerald City in the Land of Oz. So, we're here to offer some suggestions on how to embellish your surroundings with emerald green for the home.

    Sometimes, you've got something in mind, but are simply unable to find exactly what you're looking for. Case in point, our suggested mirror for the powder room couldn't be found in quite the shade of green that we were looking for. Simple fix: spray paint! Check out your local hardware store for the shade that would best suit your project and color palette. The green chosen for this ornate mirror really creates a bold focal point that's best offset by a calmer piece of stretched art, like this from Christy Tomlinson, keeping a small room like a powder room from feeling too busy. An interesting, yet soft-hued hand towel choice brings another dose of color without being too flashy. Vintage bottles in shades of blue and green would be another simple touch that would bring a lot of personality to a powder room.

    Our featured bedroom decor brings a heavy dose of emerald green for the home to the bed as the anchor for the entire room. Keep the look more mellow by bringing in black and white details that tie the artwork by Flora Bowley in perfectly with the all green coverlet. Throw pillows, a blanket at the foot of the bed, and simple white curtains will ensure a bright, clean look in this contemporary style bedroom.

    Another modern look is our suggested pairing with Jason Smith's wall art decor for the living room. A decidedly mod sofa offers a sleek silhouette, making a discriminating selection of only a few favorite pieces a perfectly adequate grouping for even a larger living room. Minimalism and modern go hand in hand.

    For a "parlour" look, seek antique and classic shapes to fill your space. The scenic landscape in Robert Kennedy's canvas wall art is a time-honored piece that will find a place in your family's home for years to come. With an old-fashioned vibe, it's not uncommon or uncouth to let your knick knacks and decor become a little more abundant. Heirlooms and vintage finds create wonderful conversational pieces and easily look at-home all together, regardless of color or theme. This look is about comfort and a little bit of antique luxury.

    Tweaking your decor with emerald green for the home brings a splash of current color and a vibrant new view. Bring in bold, color-soaked pieces, or let a little go a long way with emerald green. We've got artwork for the home to please any palate! Don't forget to follow our Pinterest board "Emerald Elegance for the Home".

  • Christopher Ross

    Are you ready to go on an deep sea diving adventure with octopi, giant manta rays, and sharks? No…? That’s ok we’re not quite ready either! Fortunately enough, we were able to spend some time talking to a GreenBox artist who makes these kinds of trips his job and his hobby – Christopher Ross. We definitely had an exciting chat and here’s what he had to say:

    GreenBox: Do you make a distinction between being an artist and being a photographer?

    Christopher Ross: I don’t make that distinction. I grew up always being involved in art, either drawing or painting and then moved on to photography so I consider it a form of art.

    GB: What aspect of nature is most inspiring to you?

    CR: Definitely being underwater. When I was little my mom was a swim instructor and had me in the water at 6 weeks old.  So since I was a kid I’ve had a love affair with water.

    GB:  I’m sure you’ve gotten this question before, but did swimming with Hammerhead sharks scare you at all?

    CR: Not at all! Hammerheads may look daunting but they actually have small mouths. I was 80-100 feet down and using a military rebreather that muted the oxygen bubbles so as not to disturb them. I was actually at peace for this shot.

    GB: How would you describe your style?

    CR: My style is editorial looking. I do use real situations but I make note of the shape and the light. It’s photo journalism in an artistic way.

    GB: What is your favorite piece of equipment?

    CR: Canon 5D with an underwater housing.

    GB: Do you always know when a photo is going to be a “work of art” or do you shoot lots of pictures and then scan through them looking for that “gem”?

    CR: It’s a little bit of both but you know when things come together sometimes, the scene is great, and you take multiple shots to get the best one.

    GB: The colors that you captured in your “Brittle Star” piece are amazing! Are the colors more/less/or the same overall level of vividness under water?

    CR: No, you actually lose color as you go underwater – everything becomes blues and greens. In order to get the color to stand out you have to use a Macro setting with a strobe flash.

    GB: How close were you to that octopus in your “Octopus Eye” piece?

    CR: I was about 3-4 inches away. He was a juvenile octopus that was hiding in the coral.

    GB: What is your favorite or most memorable photography experience?

    CR: I was diving off the coast of San Benedicto Island, basically in the middle of nowhere, for a week. For nearly the entire time I wasn’t really getting much in the way of good shots. On the last day a group of giant manta rays appeared and were swimming and playing in the water with all of us! One ended up taking me for a long ride and then dropped me back off at the boat!

    GB: Lastly, are you afraid of anything? Lions, tigers, bears, skydiving, closet monsters?

    CR: (After laughing for a few moments) – Spiders! I know it sounds funny but I had a bad experience with a black widow as a kid. I didn’t get bit but it really scared me.


    View Christopher Ross GreenBox Art Collection here

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