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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Nautical Room Décor for Your Beach House

    It’s easy to go “overboard” in the nautical décor department. If you own a beach house or are lucky enough to live near the ocean, it’s simply expected to have at least a touch of marine accents throughout your home. Whether your home accessories are personal collections from antique shops, articles you’ve found washed up on shore, or fun and quirky ocean themed finds, we’ve got the wall décor to perfectly fit your nautical room décor for your beach house.

    With traditional beach house décor, you should have no trouble finding salty seafaring accents that will blend flawlessly just based on theme. There's such a general and pleasing color scheme in the nautical world that the majority of antiques and common nautical fare seem to be made to all go together. We've put together a board with traditional pieces to create inviting nautical room décor for your beach house to ensure no one will forget their goal of vacationing: to feel comfortable and relax. Brass and bronze fixtures pair perfectly with needlepoint pillows and our classic ocean themed artwork by Jack Dickerson.

    1. Traditional Nautical Wall Art by Jack Dickerson 2. Bristol Bay Sunset Bronze Chandelier 3. Whale Tale Door Knocker 4. Ship Pillow & Anchor Pillow

    For a crisper, more modern take on nautical room décor for your beach house, we're drawn to graphic prints and clean lines. Quirky items that seem old-fashioned get an updated look with a coat of paint, like this mermaid wall hook. A traditional nautical light fixture is perfectly modern in a fresh aqua color, while a knotted rug in modern hues brings interest to the floor and continues the modern nautical look. Our artwork picks for this modern style include Eleanor Grosch's mid-century modern styled sea birds along with Cory McBee's contemporary graphic of an antique ship.

    1. Seagull + Pelican by Eleanor Grosch & Come Sail With Me by Cory McBee 2. Assembly 3 Light Chandelier 3. Mermaid Anchor Wall Hook 4. Yellow Rope Rug

    Finally, a gentleman wants to feel like the captain of his ship and quarters, so we've found some masculine nautical room décor for your beach house that'll keep your room looking sophisticated and seaworthy. Keeping with darker shades of gray, white and silver accents will keep the look from being too dark. Dark wood continues the "old ship" feel and keeps the look classic. We recommend Danny Englander's photography artwork to evoke an elegant maritime style that's timeless and powerful. Paired with sleek accents and monochromatic textiles, this nautical room décor for your beach house is a handsome package.

    1. Nautical Rigging Oversize Wall Mural by Danny Englander 2. Ship's Hourglass 3. Maritime Charcoal Alpaca Throw 4. Rhoorkie Campaign Chair

    Regardless of your style, we're certain you'll find your ocean themed artwork "soulmatey" to perfectly complete your nautical room décor for your beach house at GreenBox Art + Culture. Be sure to follow our Pinterest board "Nautical Room Décor for Your Beach House" !

  • Celebrate With Your Family This Earth Day 2013

    Our earth is a big place - HUGE! When faced with the changes happening all over our planet, it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, getting your kids interested and excited to learn about the world they live in can be simple and fun! Yes, there is a lot to learn - for the rest of our lives! But, take baby steps with your children to get them acquainted with the world right outside their doorstep. Look for events in your community to celebrate and work hard this Earth Day 2013 on April 22nd.

    If you and your family get to travel, remind your children about the different climates and landscapes you've visited. Your own town may have a beach and a desert very nearby! On car trips, you're unfortunately sure to see some litter and other evidence of people being careless with their surroundings. What a wonderful opportunity to encourage being responsible!

    While your little ones may see and realize the damage that we can easily do to our lovely surroundings, they may not know how to help or prevent it. Earth Day is a perfect time to join a group in a cleanup effort in your neighborhood, a park, or beach. When even a small group joins together (like your family!) big changes can happen quickly. Search for events and group gatherings online for trash pickup and cleanup in your community.

    Some other simple ways to get your kids involved in Earth Day 2013:

    1. Reuse and recycle plastic bags, and carry reusable totes to the store.
    2. Learn about your community's recycle programs if you're not already participating.
    3. Walk or ride a bike whenever you safely can instead of using your car.
    4. Pull weeds in the yard and garden instead of using herbicides.
    5. Plant a tree!

    Remind them how fun it is to swim in clean water, play in a clean park, and walk down a clean sidewalk. Now, listen to their ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day 2013!

    Source: Earth Day Network

    Featured Contemporary Wall Art: Find Beauty by Stephanie Corfee


  • Letter Decals

    Surround yourself with happiness – wall lettering decals from GreenBox immerse you with positive reinforcement in any room. Add letter decals for walls to your decor to experience the sunny side of life. All of our wall letter stickers are printed in California on a durable fabric material that outlives most other vinyl wall art decals, so shop for letter wall decals at GreenBox to see how we stand above the rest.

  • Wall Murals

    When you want to dress up a large wall space with show-stopping drama, look no further than our removable large wall decals. Our durable fabric wall decals aren’t just single color silhouette ”decal wall stickers”, they’re fine art reproductions from our library of unique works of art by our group of talented artists. Our large wall murals that stick are huge adhesive squares (54”x54”) or rectangles (72”x54”) that are easily placed and repositioned, if the mood strikes you, but they won’t damage your walls or leave a residue. So, for large impact with wall decal art that’s full of detail and life, cover your walls in our Murals that Stick.

  • Wall Decals

    Our designer Wall Decals are adhesive fabric wall decals made with the same high-quality print methods as our finely detailed, giclee canvas artwork reproductions. Place our wall art decals wherever you need fine art as a focus with the option of repositioning on a whim. Our removable wall decals are fabric based and can be reused many times and leave no residue or damaging marks to your walls. Give your walls a breath of fresh air by opting for color, detail, and clarity instead of dull, single-color vinyl wall decal stickers. Our room wall decals will be the stars of the show rather than the shadows in the background.

  • Amy Paul

    Let’s escape into a world where the sun never rises or sets, where we can fly down a Backstreet and spend some time with some little Blue Birds and our other feathery friends! Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not and we have a talented GreenBox Artist that can show us the way there. Let me introduce you to April’s Artist of the Month – Amy Paul. She recently sat down with us to answer some questions about her art, inspirations, and the rich symbolism in her pieces. Here’s what she had to say:

    GreenBox: You definitely have unique style that seems to mix elements of the natural world with a surreal world feeling. Can you explain your technique to us?

    Amy Paul: I started painting with oil on canvas and switched to working with acrylic on wood after a designing a skateboard deck for a company. I use organic shapes, light, shadows, and birds a lot. Also, I like to paint birds because they symbolize protection.


    GB: What aspect of art do you love best?

    AP: That it’s illustrative and depicts an idea. I love the imagination and complete freedom to be able to visual describe how I’m feeling.


    GB: Could you explain the emotion and scene in your Farewell piece?

    AP: That was actually done in a response to a poem for a project that never really ended up happening. Farewell was based on another artist’s poem which was about a person leaving. The bird in this piece symbolizes the person that was leaving and that they were feeling conflicted about it.


    GB: How would you describe your style in 3 words?

    AP: Oh that’s a tough one… how about symbolic, escapist, and meditative.


    GB: How long does it typically take you to create a piece, or does it usually vary?

    AP: It definitely varies. It can sometimes take a week, or month, or longer and some I never finish and end up painting over. I think that’s because when it’s painstaking it never feels finished or perfect. I find that the effortless pieces are usually the strongest because they just flow.


    GB: How has your style changed over time or has it not changed at all?

    AP: I would say that for about 10 years it didn’t change but now I feel like I’m in a transition phase and I’m excited to see what the next 10 years will bring. I’m exploring different mediums like using paper and I’m interested in storytelling.


    GB: If you weren’t an artist, what profession would you chose?

    AP: Ahh, an architect because I’m very analytical.


    GB: What is your favorite piece with GreenBox?

    AP: The Bird Crescendo and Ant Farm II pieces.


    GB: Is Ant Farm II a morning or an evening scene? How about Silver Skies? Is there a story behind them?

    AP: Neither, they’re intentionally neutral. These are real scenes and I created them from photographs. The power lines are there dividing the sky which dominates our world.


    GB: Lastly, Red or white wine – or perhaps something different like hot chocolate?

    AP: I’m not too much of a wine drinker, so definitely hot chocolate. In fact Mexican hot chocolate!


    Please view all of Amy Paul's GreenBox Art Collection

  • Contemporary Lamps

    Your home will gain a cheery pop of modern design with GreenBox's table lamps for living rooms, bedrooms, or offices. Our contemporary table lamps are available as a complete set with a white resin base, or you can mix and match with individual shades to fit your decor needs. Measuring 14" x 26", each decorative lamp includes an easy-to-use on/off cord switch, and a max 100 Watt, 120V, Type A bulb is recommended for all contemporary table lamps from GreenBox.

  • Spring Decor for the Home

    GreenBox Art + Culture seeks out artwork for our line that brings a smile to your face.

    We love color and vibrance that leaps off the canvas and really warms up your walls. For springtime, we recommend a dose of color and whimsy, no matter your age or style. By bringing spring decor for the home into unexpected places, it not only livens up your living space, but it will brighten your outlook and refresh your surroundings. Selecting original artwork from artists around the world enables us to accumulate various styles to fit many types of homes. Our line's definitely got gorgeous options in both neutral and colorful palettes which can brighten up a room in their own way, so if you're seeking home decor to express how spring makes you feel and add dynamic whimsy to your atmosphere, here are some of our top decor picks along with colorful GreenBox artwork for the home.


    Whimsy and color don't necessarily mean "childish" and "immature". We see whimsy wherever an accent makes us smile and feel inspired. For those of us that enjoy a healthier dose of color in spring decor for the home, choose show-stopping accents that are impossible to ignore and will have your room bursting with happy hues. Caroline Blum's artwork Spring Blossoms is a gorgeous canvas that will have spring leaping off your wall. In a size 30x4, it makes a perfect centerpiece for your wall over a beige sofa or between windows draped in white. Bringing in a vibrant rug like this Betty Rug in Honey from Design Within Reach, adds a subtle splash of color. By keeping this bold accent relegated to the floor, the color doesn't overtake the room.

    Accent tables can be a great place to experiment with color, and offer the option of a simple DIY painting when the mood strikes. This contemporary Drum Stool/Table/Ottoman by Bend Seating is as eye-catching as it is versatile. Available in white, orange, or peacock blue, these options offer a safe and clever way to add color punch to your neutral decor. Brighten up a neutral sofa with a Kantha Throw from Ebay, then use it in your guest room once your living room color choices shift. Lastly, flowers are a perfect way to bring a feeling of spring indoors. Opt for wall art featuring ranunculus and peonies with Paula Prass's Ball Jar Series for a garden that requires no upkeep, but provides lasting and colorful beauty.


    For a more subtle approach to bringing spring indoors, whites, pastels, and metallics take center stage. Our neutral picks for spring decor for the home contain some unexpected accents that will have your guests taking a second look, and are sure to bring a smile. These Platinum Etched Wine Glasses from Jayson Home are destined to be a family favorite and passed down as classic heirlooms. Display these in a glass front cabinet or atop a buffet when not in use for functional and timeless decor. Mudpies and Other Recipes from Anthropologie is a delightful book that will be loved by everyone who takes a peek. Your coffee table shouldn't be ignored when perking up your place, so add this colorful conversation starter to bring common ground to a group of kids and adults, and excite the little ones for all the fun that spring brings.

    The Ikea PS Jonsberg Vase looks fabulous alone on an entry table or amongst books on your shelf, with one tall white gladiola or a bunch of blossoming branches from your favorite tree. It would also look nice as the centerpiece for your tabletop decor alongside World Market's Porcelain Cotton Crochet Placemat set in this fresh, spring shade. Keep these punches of pastel on the more mature side with plenty of fresh whites, neutrals, and natural wood. Our 5 Dancing Fawns artwork by Eli Halpin maintains a simple, yet contemporary color palette that will accentuate your decor throughout the year, and especially bring to mind the new life brought by spring. The Eartha Linen Throw Pillow from Tulu provides a flowery pink touch without going overboard. Add it to your sofa or armchair for a charming detail that won't steal the show.

    Whites or brights, we think it's time to freshen your surroundings with springtime decor. The smallest touches will renew your view and make you smile, and there's no denying that big and bold can't help but let the sunshine in. Our favorite tip? Bring in one, huge, favorite piece and create the Spring Equinox right in your living room: Magnolia Pod by Andrew Daniel in sizes up to 60x45. It's time to open those windows and let the fresh air renew your spirit!


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