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Meet Molly Whalen

Meet Molly Whalen

Molly Whalen lives on the southern shore of Long Island, New York where she was born and raised. She and her family spent endless hours at the beach while she was growing up, she says. “I was in swimming lessons at a very young age because my mom wanted us not to be afraid of the water. I’m one of five kids and we were all totally obsessed with the beach.”
That obsession continues into her adulthood, and Whalen explains that even in the winter, she and her sister will drive to the beach just to look at the water.

Whalen’s proclivity to the water often shows up in her art. Her GreenBox collection features water prominently, both in expected settings (a whale, a jellyfish) and unexpected settings (an elephant spraying itself). “I love going back to the water, and it makes me happy,” Whalen asserts. “I’ve started to realize that there is so much reference to water in my pieces and feel like that must be why.” It should come as no surprise that, when choosing her medium, this painter often incorporates watercolor into her art, though her paintings are mostly done in acrylics. “I’ve always done watercolor,” she says. “Sometimes people struggle with it, but the moments when the water does its own thing, those are my favorite. Though I may not do full watercolor pieces, I often incorporate it.”

As for the choice of acrylics, Whalen explains that the properties of this fast-drying paint match her personality. “I like that they dry quickly. I am very hyper, so it really allows me to have fun with it and go on to the next thing. I’m not patient at all. I used to do oil paint, but I found it would get really muddy because I didn’t want to wait for it to dry.”

When asked about the dichotomy between her self-described hyper personality and the incredibly soothing palettes of her paintings, Whalen becomes introspective. “Sometimes I do make sure I’m aware of my palette. But I definitely notice that in my work, I’ll sometimes have an idea for a palette and always end up adding white. It’s just second nature that I end up muting it with white. I do love color, and happy colors, but I add the white because it makes everything softer and relaxing. I don’t want it to be monochromatic, so adding white allows me to have color, and create happy pieces, and allows them to have a relaxing feel.”
She pauses. “I guess my art ends up being a lot like me. I am a very hyper person all the time, but all the same time I am very relaxed and laid back about things.”

Molly Whalen is the middle child of the five in her family, which may help explain her take-things-as-they-come, laid-back approach, even in the midst of lots of activity. Nearly everyone in her immediate family has a career in medicine, including doctors, nurses, and PAs (physician’s assistants). “My parents have always been supportive of my art. They think it’s great. In fact, that’s how my parents always introduced me while we were growing up: ‘Molly’s the artist.’” And in fact, her career in art is not all that different from her family’s respective careers in medicine, in one important respect: “We’re both helping people, in some way,” Whalen reflects.

The way she helps is by sharing some of the happiness she feels when she paints, Whalen explains. “I do love painting florals, and I am drawn to seascapes. When I think back on why I’m interested in these subjects, it’s because they all are things that make me happy and so they make me happy when I paint them. I’m so grateful to have art in my life. When I have that feeling of happiness I just want to go with it. I focus on that feeling, and I hope that the people who end up being drawn to my art end up feeling that happiness too.”

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