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  • GreenBox Pinterest Contest - Scout it Out!

    We've got a way to make Pinterest even more fun. Join us in our Pin it to Win it Contest and Scout it Out! We've got some interesting items on our list that we'd like you to find in our GreenBox Art collection, then Pin it to Win it. One lucky winner will get a $100 GreenBox Art + Culture gift certificate, so head over to the CONTEST RULES PAGE and play along!

    By participating in the Pin it to Win it Scavenger Hunt you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.



  • Celebrate With Your Family This Earth Day 2013

    Our earth is a big place - HUGE! When faced with the changes happening all over our planet, it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, getting your kids interested and excited to learn about the world they live in can be simple and fun! Yes, there is a lot to learn - for the rest of our lives! But, take baby steps with your children to get them acquainted with the world right outside their doorstep. Look for events in your community to celebrate and work hard this Earth Day 2013 on April 22nd.

    If you and your family get to travel, remind your children about the different climates and landscapes you've visited. Your own town may have a beach and a desert very nearby! On car trips, you're unfortunately sure to see some litter and other evidence of people being careless with their surroundings. What a wonderful opportunity to encourage being responsible!

    While your little ones may see and realize the damage that we can easily do to our lovely surroundings, they may not know how to help or prevent it. Earth Day is a perfect time to join a group in a cleanup effort in your neighborhood, a park, or beach. When even a small group joins together (like your family!) big changes can happen quickly. Search for events and group gatherings online for trash pickup and cleanup in your community.

    Some other simple ways to get your kids involved in Earth Day 2013:

    1. Reuse and recycle plastic bags, and carry reusable totes to the store.
    2. Learn about your community's recycle programs if you're not already participating.
    3. Walk or ride a bike whenever you safely can instead of using your car.
    4. Pull weeds in the yard and garden instead of using herbicides.
    5. Plant a tree!

    Remind them how fun it is to swim in clean water, play in a clean park, and walk down a clean sidewalk. Now, listen to their ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day 2013!

    Source: Earth Day Network

    Featured Contemporary Wall Art: Find Beauty by Stephanie Corfee


  • National List of Best Neighborhood Light Displays

    Thank you, Redfin! We searched and searched to find a compilation of the best holiday light displays out there across the country, and Redfin has delivered. We know our loyal customers reside from sea to shining sea, so we wanted to spread the word of nearby neighborhoods that would be worth the trek this holiday season to take in some festive light-seeing! We luckily stumbled upon Redfin's national list of best neighborhood light displays.

    If you're like us, you view the holiday season as a fleeting time where you want to cram in all the fun and holiday happiness you and your brood can stand. Putting up your own traditional holiday decorations is a fun project that can take up the better part of a Saturday, and also a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears. Celebrate all your hard work by enjoying others' efforts. Heck, enjoy others' efforts with no hard work this year if you don't feel like it! There's no rule that says you must outdo your neighbor in the holiday decorations department.

    These are simply the "top" five neighborhoods, decided by Redfin, the neighborhood gurus:

    1. Brooklyn, NY - Dyker Heights

    2. Baltimore, MD - Miracle on 34th Street

    3. Portland, OR - Peacock Lane

    4. Austin, TX - 37th Street

    5. Philadelphia, PA - South 13th Street

    Check out Redfin's blog, or simply Google "light displays" with the name of your city for a good place to start! It's fun for the whole family, and a great distraction on these winter nights when it gets dark so early, you want to head to bed at 7:00 PM!


  • How to Choose Art: Creating a Personal Time Capsule

    Here at Green Box Art + Culture, we love to help people navigate the question of how to choose art.

    That's why

    we have made it as easy as possible

    for you to get fine art canvases for your walls, with over 700 different pieces available. Our method is dividing things into categories, like artist, theme, and color.

    Not everyone uses this method, of course, and we are intrigued by a collector named Jason Rubell, who answered the question of how to choose art by picking contemporary pieces that spoke to him. Sounds pretty straightforward, until you learn that he chose these pieces between the ages of 13 and 21. Oh, and did we mention his collection, on display until January 6, 2013 at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, includes works by Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman?

    What a terrific back-story. Rubell graduated from Duke in 1991, and this show is called Time Capsule, Age 13 to 21: The Contemporary Art Collection of Jason Rubell. The pieces are ones he collected until his graduation, when they were displayed as a group for the first time. 

    Now, before we get too carried away about prescient tastes and an uncanny eye, let's remember that there also has to be some money involved--we were fans of Keith Haring's early work too, for example, but had to wait until his collaboration with Swatch to "collect" a piece of his work, in this case, a red watch with a gray and black face. Even then, an original Haring would have been way out of our price range.

    But we certainly don't begrudge Rubell his success. It's a great story and an exciting collection. And he inspires us anew in our commitment to make fine art affordable for all. At Green Box Art + Culture, you'll find a carefully curated collection of canvas prints by artists who are well-known and by ones who are up-and-coming. That gives you the chance to create a personalized collection of the prints that grab you. Who knows? Maybe an emerging artist whose print you choose by will end up making Cindy-Sherman-sized waves in the art world.

  • Finding Fall Foliage

    If mashups are when two seemingly unrelated things come together, we have a new favorite mashup: Technology and Fall Foliage. That's right: technology is the key to finding fall foliage.

    You see, we love the changing seasons. If you've ever spent the Fall in the midwest or northeast, you know what we're talking about. One day everything's steamy hot, then the next day the sky is impossibly blue with cottony white clouds and then BAM--the trees are rioting. Reds, yellows, oranges come out of nowhere and the contrast with the blue sky and white clouds is nearly psychedelic. It's absolutely beautiful.

    In fact, we have a number of canvas wall art pieces that reflect our love of the colors of fall: Autumn Glory by Robert Kennedy, for example, or Saisons Automne by Eleanor Grosch.

    And now (here's the mashup part), you can track the progress of fall's incredible colors with, yes, your smartphone. We've got three words for you: The Foliage Network. Or, more accurately, one word: This group is so folksy and enthusiastic, it's impossible not to be charmed. Every September, October and November, this site relies on its foliage spotters to report twice a week on the conditions there. Everything is compiled into an interactive map, so it's easy and accurate to plan a trip to a region in the Southeast, Northeast or Midwest when the foliage is at its peak. Many of the "spotters" are also B&B operators, so you can see how neatly that works out.

    If you can't make the trip, there's a terrific little map that reveals dozens of webcam views of forests. They are updated every 30 seconds, so make some cocoa, wrap up in a cozy blanket, maximize your screen and you'll feel almost like you're right there, in the midst of the most impressive colors nature has to offer. All thanks to some pretty impressive technology.

  • Labor Day, Set to Music

    Got plans for Labor Day? Other than taking the day off, that is. We love the whole concept behind the holiday--it's at the very end of the summer, when everyone's coming off a season that's (we hope) a little more restful than the other three. And then there it is! One final day off. A Monday even. To celebrate something that everyone already is, in one form or another; a worker! Good stuff.

    There are lots of things to do for Labor Day, including just hanging out with friends and having a picnic, but there are several music festivals happening that weekend. To our mind, that sounds like the ultimate way to spend Labor Day: not only are you relaxing, you're being entertained, to boot!

    Let's start with the Chicago Jazz Festival. It runs from August 30 until September 2 and its amazing lineup includes Allen Toussaint, Dianne Reeves and Tito Carrillo. Concerts take place all over town (there are 9 performance venues involved) at this annual event that turns the Windy City into an all-out party.

    A Party is happening in Philly, too, with the Made in America Music Festival. It's being curated by Jay-Z, who hand-picked more than 2 dozen acts to perform over the 2-day festival (September 1 and 2). Jay-Z himself headlines, along with Pearl Jam. And did we mention this festival will feature Run DMC?

    Finally, if you find yourself in the Aspen, Colorado area for the Labor Day Weekend, check out the Jazz/Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival. Known as JAS, it runs from August 31 to September 2 and its fun lineup includes the Steve Miller Band, Sugarland and Kid Rock.Good thing the music is all about sound, because you won't be able to tear your eyes away from the spectacular setting.

    Whatever you choose to do on Labor Day, enjoy. And if you'll be at work, try to set aside another day to be your own Labor(less) Day. You deserve a day off. We all do!

  • Visionary Art

    What is Visionary Art? It's art by someone who is self-taught, with no formal art training. Unlike Folk Art, which is based on a tradition that's passed down through a specific group, Visionary Art springs from one individual's solitary mind.

    Perhaps you never knew that. And perhaps, like us, you never knew there was an entire museum devoted to Visionary Art.

    Now that we know, we can't wait to get there.

    The American Visionary Art Museum, or AVAM, is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It's filled with items that are every bit as fascinating--and quirky--as pieces in folk art galleries. Like a ship made from over 100,000 toothpicks. Or a castle scene sewn from 1,200 stitches of sock thread per square inch and measuring less than 3 x 3 inches overall. (Both are pictured in this post.)

    AVAM's current exhibition runs through September 2. It's called ALL THINGS ROUND: Galaxies, Eyeballs & Karma and it features the works of more than 70 artists, all around the theme of, well, the circle of life. It's work you probably won't see anywhere else, and definitely not all together.

    While you're there, stop by the museum's fabulous store, Sideshow. Speaking of quirky, you'll find it there, including some pretty show-stopping jewelry.

    Here's to Vision!

  • A Philly Fourth

    If you've never celebrated Independence Day in Philadelphia, you might want to consider putting it on your life list. After all, it's the home of The Liberty Bell and Freedom Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was written.

    Plus, The City of Brotherly Love puts on a heck of a celebration.

    We here at Green Box, being lovers of all things art, appreciate the fact that the massive fireworks show takes place above the majestic Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    If you go, stake out your spot early so you'll have a good view, but not so early that you'll miss all the other terrific events. Events like a free concert that's billed as America's Largest, this year featuring The Roots, Common, Joe Jonas and Queen Latifah, among others. On the steps of Independence Hall from 10-11 AM there will be a reading from the Declaration, along with speeches and music. Right after that, at 11, the Annual Independence Day Parade kicks off, with more than 5,000 participants.

    While you're there, take a minute to think about our Founding Fathers: what would they think if they saw such a huge celebration in the very city where they convened their history-changing meetings?

    We think they'd be very, very proud.

  • Donna Ingemanson exhibited in IPCNY

    We are proud to announce that one of our great artists at GreenBox Art + Culture Donna Ingemanson has been chosen to display one of her monotypes at the well recognized International Print Center New York. Her print “Botanica” will be displaying in their New Prints 2012/Summer show. This New Prints show will run from May 24th - July 27th and will have an opening reception on May 31st, from 6 to 8 pm.
    IPCNY is known for its “examination and serious study of artists’ prints from the old master to the contemporary.” They have a permanent show room located in Chelsea, NY and four New Print shows every year. In order to select the prints that will be displayed in each New Prints show there is a “Selections Committee appointed by the IPCNY.”

    This is an important and exciting step into Donnas’ career and we are glad to be a part of it, since this stretched canvas art will be available to purchase with GreenBox Art + Culture in the upcoming July new products release. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on all the other great contemporary wall art that will be added to our product line!

  • Just Released! "Brave Intuitive Painting" by Flora Bowley

    The excitement never seems to stop for our talented GreenBox Art + Culture family.

    We are so excited to announce that Flora Bowley, one of our exceptional artists, has just released her first book entitled "Brave Intuitive Painting"! In this one of a kind book, Flora gives the reader a rare chance to understand and learn from her zen-like approach at creating art without boundaries or limitations.

    "Brave Intuitive Painting" was written and designed for artist's of all backgrounds, styles and experience levels. Flora's own canvas wall art exhibits a free-form style of breaking compositional rules and her book attempts to teach us "a spontaneous, bold, and fearless approach to painting as a process of discovery." 'The reader is encouraged to engage the book as a guide to enhance their own creative innovations and artistic abilities "through a variety of techniques that combine basic, practical painting principles."

    Flora shares with us that the process for writing her first book "was truly an act of love, a deep journey of the soul and one of the most challenging things I've ever done. I poured myself into this baby, and I'm so excited to share it with you now." She also explains that her book "is based on exploring the process, letting go of fear, releasing preconceived ideas of what your paintings are supposed to look like, and allowing the paintings to unfold naturally and with ease." She is definitely one calm, cool, and collected artist!

    "Brave Intuitive Painting" is available on her website Brave Intuitive You, on Amazon, and at most major retailers. Whether you're a painter, an artist, or just a fan we definitely recommend picking up a copy.

    And if the book isn't enough "Flora" for you, she has 2 signings coming up:

    • May 8th, from 7:30-9pm  Author Talk and Signing @ Powell’s Books 1005 W Burnside, Portland, OR. 97209
    • June 7th, from 6-9pm Author Talk and Signing @ Readings St. Kilda in Melbourne, Australia 112 Acland St, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182




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