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Fun & Favorites

  • GreenBox iPhone Sticker Packs Are Here!


    Can’t get enough GreenBox? Well, we have just the thing to make your day a little bit cheerier!

    Art lovers everywhere can now decorate texts with our brand new GreenBox Art Stickers. Available free (yay!) via the App Store on iPhone, the GreenBox Art app allows you to browse through a library of our cutest and coolest art images and send them through iMessage.

    You’ll find the perfect sticker for any occasion – whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because! We’ve taken the time to adapt over forty popular artworks from a few of your favorite artists, such as Eli Halpin, Heather Gauthier, Cathy Walters, and much more, to fit your unique messages. Art no longer has to live solely on your walls – spread your artistic side to your friends, family, and everyone in between with our creative GreenBox Art sticker pack.

    At GreenBox, we are an ever-evolving company that believes art can enlighten every aspect of everyday life. These delightful stickers were created with the help of experienced developers from THINKware, a leader in the tech industry that executes digital content for major corporations. We are proud to bring a touch of artistic flair to your mobile conversations and make each interaction more memorable than the last!


    Please visit iTunes for more information about our delightful sticker packs!

    And visit THINKware for more on Rob, Bryan, and the talented team of developers who made our GreenBox Art Sticker Packs possible!


  • Home Decor Trends for Spring/Summer 2017!



    Winter is over and now we can trade in our blanket scarves and Sherpa jackets for light layers and ankle-length skinnies! We can also begin transitioning our homes for a new season. This month we are happy to bring you a list of some of the coolest and most prominent upcoming trends for spring and summertime!


    Let’s jump into the list with a bold and innovative use of an everyday material. This season, gold and silver will have to take a backseat to copper! This metal is no longer just for pennies - its reddish, orange hue is incredibly gorgeous and will add a special touch of elegance to your home. You can find décor and accessories with copper accents in ultra-luxe furnishing stores, but have no worries, retailers like Target are also catching on to the trend! Take a quick glance at some of our favorite copper pieces and their even better price points:

    Flatware 5 pc Set Copper - Modern by Dwell Magazine - $24.99, Target

    Large Metal Wire Basket - $24.99, H&M



    The next decor trend will truly give your home a unique and Instagram-worthy look. It goes without saying that marble has cemented its place in the design world. From cell phone cases to jewelry, let’s face it - marble is everywhere! Marble is formed by minerals and is recognized as one of the oldest art mediums, historically used to create beautiful sculptures for imperial families. Fast forward to springtime of 2017 and you can officially have marble accents in your own home, with or without a royal link! In case you’re looking to add some marble into your life, here is some inspiration:

    Marble Dipping Bowl - $29.95, William-Sonoma


    Marble Dipping Bowl


    Marble Terracotta Planter - $12, Urban Outfitters


    Next up, one of the trend we’re highlighting interior design for the spring/summer season is not an actual item or pattern, but rather a concept. It’s actually a trend that originated during winter 2016, but is definitely rolling over into the sunny seasons ahead! Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is Danish for “coziness” and essentially embodies all things heartwarming. and comfortable. Of all the trends mentioned, hygge is by far our favorite - who doesn’t want to make their home even MORE cozy?  Try adding some hygge into your kitchens, bedrooms, and overall space by adding small touches that will make a huge difference:


    Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle - $28.00, Anthropologie

    Slide View: 1: Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle


    Jaipur Spirit Hand Loomed Throw Blanket - $49.00, Nordstrom

    Main Image - Jaipur Spirit Hand Loomed Throw Blanket

    Modern Floral

    Last is the fun and flirty floral trend that can be seen everywhere from Pinterest to the pages of ELLE. Florals add a touch of feminine flair to any room and, although they aren’t the most innovative design trend, they are the prettiest! Recently, florals have appeared in modern style bedding and unique home décor accents. They aren’t just wilting in a glass vase anymore, florals are becoming a part of the space and making a lasting impression on the home décor world. Take a look at some of our favorite contemporary uses of florals:

    Cobalt Blue Montgomery Duvet Cover & Sham – $89.00-159.00, Crane & Canopy

    Bedroom inspiration and bedding decor | The Montgomery Cobalt Blue Duvet Cover | Crane and Canopy

    Sunflowers Forever Wall Tapestry – $39.00-79.00, Society 6

  • GreenBox Pinterest Contest - Scout it Out!

    We've got a way to make Pinterest even more fun. Join us in our Pin it to Win it Contest and Scout it Out! We've got some interesting items on our list that we'd like you to find in our GreenBox Art collection, then Pin it to Win it. One lucky winner will get a $100 GreenBox Art + Culture gift certificate, so head over to the CONTEST RULES PAGE and play along!

    By participating in the Pin it to Win it Scavenger Hunt you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.



  • Using Art as a Photobooth Backdrop

    We love any excuse to get some friends together and have a good time. Whether it's wine with the girls or a neighborhood potluck, fun is as far away as an Evite and cocktails! Party decor doesn't have to be tedious and grandiose, it can be simple and DIY for major oohs and ahhs and without breaking the bank. One of the most popular and fun trends as of late is the photobooth backdrop which enables all your guests to take stylishly memorable (and hilarious!) pictures to record the unforgettable fun that was had. If this is no news to you, then how about the idea of using art as a photobooth backdrop? GreenBox Art + Culture has just the vibrant backdrop that will have already found a perfect home in your space as wall art decor. Let's explore some photobooth backdrop options out there, shall we?

    Are you a "big-time partier" that has the cash for awesome custom backdrops and parties on a monthly basis? If your M-O is to have parties that will go down as historical events, check out Smilebooth for their clever and creative backdrop options.

    If DIY and thriftiness is your bag, check out some of the super cool sites that have tons of ideas in all levels of difficulty. One of our favorite go-to blogs for awesome DIYs is Oh Happy Day - check it out!

    However, we'd like to give you an idea you may not have thought of that's no extra work, and no added "decorations". Our oversize adhesive wall murals cover a large area of your wall for very little cost, and they're actually repositionable! They're made of a durable fabric adhesive that displays the fine art detail and rich color we're obsessed with. So, find the perfect mural for your taste and hang it up in your space for home decor that doubles as party decor. These are so large (sizes 54x54, 72x54, and 54x72) that they'll provide a perfect backdrop for fun photos at your next party. If your mural's normally in an area where furniture may be in the way for the best photos, try a temporary furniture rearrangement for the party. Or, grab a couple of friends to help you move your mural to a big blank wall with ample space for your guests to have their picture time, then move it back after the party to its permanent home. Just be sure to keep your mural clean on the adhesive side and use those extra hands from your friends during the transport!


    Utopia by Melissa Loop 

    Abstract Blocks by Melanie Mikecz

    So, grab a bucket of fun mustaches and silly props and give our oversized adhesive wall murals a try in your home to keep it ready for a fun time any time. Have that impromptu party and your friends will have a blast while praising your ingenuity at using art as a photobooth backdrop!

    Follow our Pinterest board "Entertaining" for more stylish party ideas.

  • Do You Fondue?

    Cliche? Check. Throwback? Check. Fun and delicious? Check and check! Yes, fondue has a reputation for being"cheesy", but it's time to take it back to the start. Cheesy is the idea, but with Gruyere and Emmental, if you please. If you're drawing a blank on Valentines ideas this year, try this on for size

    Fondue is the quasi-forgotten pastime that brings friends and family close, to find delight in swirling delicious bits of dippers into your choice of velvety sauce. Thank you, Switzerland! This Valentine's Day, don't bother fighting the crowds to squeeze in a romantic dinner at some fancy restaurant. They are all full of couples with the same idea, taking reservations at 9 and 10 o'clock because the restaurant's completely booked all evening. Now who's cliche?

    If you're looking for a way to embark on a new tradition, try fondue this Valentine's Day. The two of you will find it romantic, ensuring a fun interactive dinner; or the kids can join in and make it an enjoyable family affair. A simple, classic Cheese Fondue recipe will please everyone- especially when choosing dippers! Select your favorite breads, blanched fresh veggies, roasted baby potatoes, and cured meats. The ingredients of the fondue are key- choose an appropriate wine or beer to add to the cheese, and make that your accompanying beverage for this portion. Cornstarch is the source of the velvety texture, keeping the cheese nice and smooth.

    Then, finish off the night with a delectable Chocolate Fondue - sure to bring a satisfied smile to everyone at the table. For Chocolate Fondue dippers, the sky's the limit! Try cubes of pound cake, fresh fruit, your favorite cookies, pretzels, marshmallows (how about peppermint flavored!), or even... bacon! The gang will love experimenting and trying fun ingredient ideas with the whole family. Maybe you'll get some new favorite combos.

    So, of course, with every fun pursuit, there are always matters of etiquette. You know the drill- no double dipping, no dribbling from the pot to your mouth, don't dip with your fingers, and no dropping items into the abyss (this will cost you a round of drinks- according to tradition!) But, you can handle all that. Don't forget a special bottle of bubbly to start the night... and Voila! Let the fondue fun begin!

     1. Crate and Barrel     

    2. Williams Sonoma


  • Now That's Punny Stuff!

    If we ruled the world, puns would be the official language. You know, the "orange you glad I didn't say banana?" variety that the very young and the very elderly alike find hilarious. Even though we don't fit into either of those categories anymore/yet, there's no linguistic feat we love more than a good pun.

    Which makes us nostalgic every Valentine's Day. There is quite simply no better treasure trove of puns than vintage Valentines. Usually, it's the rose-lipped lovelies and doily-decorated beauties that get all the nostalgic attention from vintage-card aficionados. But to our mind, these old puns prove that they just don't make 'em like they used to.

    Here are some of our favorites, along with our best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day!


  • Brighten Your Day with a Colorful Desktop Wallpaper

    If your weekdays consist of long hours looking at a computer screen, you may be in need of some light in your life. No matter how rewarding your work may be, it never hurts to add sunshine and happiness through color to your daily surroundings. A simple step in getting a refresh from the daily grind is adding a colorful desktop wallpaper to your inanimate work partner.

    You may already be a huge fan of Agnes Pierscieniak like we are, but if you aren't familiar with her style - check it out pronto! Her artwork will transport you to a desirable place, be it a sunny Cabo beach, or an evergreen wooded escape full of shadows and light. Based on her sunny days in LA, she creates her artwork by collecting shadows and playing with color.

    Bring a daily dose of Vitamin C(olor) to your work-life surroundings. Even a mental escape to someplace far away can bring peace to your everyday chaos. Download these free colorful desktop wallpapers, No. 07 and No. 08, by Agnes Pierscieniak from her blog Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Color Your World and make your life a little more artful.

  • Popular Pins from Pinterest

    GreenBox Art + Culture loves design! We love it so much, that's practically all we think about. Looking for fabulous items to surround yourself with and make your home beautiful makes us tick! Therefore, Pinterest is not only a pastime for us, it's turned into a way of life. We look at our popular pins from Pinterest to see what inspires you. Not only do we strive to inspire you, we look to you to inspire us.

    With all these ideas and pretty pictures, Pinterest is not only an inspirational paradise, it's downright fun! You can find DIYs, room designs, color combos, and interior design ideas you've never dreamed of. We also love all the entertaining ideas and recipes, but just wish we had time to try them all!

    We find our most popular pins of interiors lean toward a modern vibe. Our "Modern Living Room" pin has the appeal of a wide open space and no clutter. The white, gray, and chrome used throughout the space is clean and relaxing. We would recommend some canvas wall art from Andy Anh Ha to warm up this room, while keeping it modern and simple. "Nook" is also a more modern space, but definitely a cozy one! A cluster of Eleanor Grosch's small, graphic works in a warm modern color palette would keep the style of this small space warm and inviting. These two pins come from our "For the Home" and "Simple Solutions" boards, respectively.

    With boards featuring "Outdoor Living" to "Plant Life", we seek out many aspects of a design-happy lifestyle.  Our "Gallery Walls" board is very helpful in lending creative inspiration for wall art layout, and gallery style wall decor with other personal objects. With these boards along with our featured artist boards and stretched art offerings, you'd better believe that once again, we've got your walls covered.


  • National List of Best Neighborhood Light Displays

    Thank you, Redfin! We searched and searched to find a compilation of the best holiday light displays out there across the country, and Redfin has delivered. We know our loyal customers reside from sea to shining sea, so we wanted to spread the word of nearby neighborhoods that would be worth the trek this holiday season to take in some festive light-seeing! We luckily stumbled upon Redfin's national list of best neighborhood light displays.

    If you're like us, you view the holiday season as a fleeting time where you want to cram in all the fun and holiday happiness you and your brood can stand. Putting up your own traditional holiday decorations is a fun project that can take up the better part of a Saturday, and also a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears. Celebrate all your hard work by enjoying others' efforts. Heck, enjoy others' efforts with no hard work this year if you don't feel like it! There's no rule that says you must outdo your neighbor in the holiday decorations department.

    These are simply the "top" five neighborhoods, decided by Redfin, the neighborhood gurus:

    1. Brooklyn, NY - Dyker Heights

    2. Baltimore, MD - Miracle on 34th Street

    3. Portland, OR - Peacock Lane

    4. Austin, TX - 37th Street

    5. Philadelphia, PA - South 13th Street

    Check out Redfin's blog, or simply Google "light displays" with the name of your city for a good place to start! It's fun for the whole family, and a great distraction on these winter nights when it gets dark so early, you want to head to bed at 7:00 PM!


  • Gift Guide from GreenBox

    Stretched canvas wall art may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for friends and family this holiday season, but we want you to rethink how you think! GreenBox Art + Culture has customizable artwork that any family would love to receive this holiday season. Wall art décor can be most fitting holiday gifts for families.

    Nothing adds the personal touch to a present like adding the recipient’s name to the gift itself. We’ve been in the name-game for years with our Oopsy daisy line, and have now incorporated a few pieces into GreenBox. “Love for the Family” by Cory McBee is a beautiful, Art Nouveau-esque piece that will look stunning in any contemporary home. Personalize it with the family’s last name for an heirloom they’ll cherish for years.

    We’ve also just introduced the “Wherever We Are Together” collection by Rachel Mosley featuring different styles of houses and family name personalization. Choose the house that is most befitting to your recipient (it could even be their “dream home” for apartment dwellers!) for a very personal gift.

    Shelly Kennedy’s “Merry & Bright” canvas wall art in our Oopsy daisy line is a tasteful and classic holiday decoration. Your friends will want to leave this lovely wall art up year round!

    Even without personalization, GreenBox artwork for the home can be a fantastic and personal gift that is a guaranteed homerun. Cory McBee has some lovely new pieces sure to warm your heart. And lastly, our beloved “Sweet Sayings” collection by Shelly Kennedy goes well with almost any décor; and is perfect in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, or any room. Each custom canvas art comes with its own saying that will bring a smile to your friend’s face, especially because it, along with any of our wall art pieces you choose, will always make them think of you.

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