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  • GreenBox iPhone Sticker Packs Are Here!


    Can’t get enough GreenBox? Well, we have just the thing to make your day a little bit cheerier!

    Art lovers everywhere can now decorate texts with our brand new GreenBox Art Stickers. Available free (yay!) via the App Store on iPhone, the GreenBox Art app allows you to browse through a library of our cutest and coolest art images and send them through iMessage.

    You’ll find the perfect sticker for any occasion – whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because! We’ve taken the time to adapt over forty popular artworks from a few of your favorite artists, such as Eli Halpin, Heather Gauthier, Cathy Walters, and much more, to fit your unique messages. Art no longer has to live solely on your walls – spread your artistic side to your friends, family, and everyone in between with our creative GreenBox Art sticker pack.

    At GreenBox, we are an ever-evolving company that believes art can enlighten every aspect of everyday life. These delightful stickers were created with the help of experienced developers from THINKware, a leader in the tech industry that executes digital content for major corporations. We are proud to bring a touch of artistic flair to your mobile conversations and make each interaction more memorable than the last!


    Please visit iTunes for more information about our delightful sticker packs!

    And visit THINKware for more on Rob, Bryan, and the talented team of developers who made our GreenBox Art Sticker Packs possible!


  • Meet Camille Engel

    Camille Engel is a life-long artist whose career took off mid-life.

    Camille Engel is widely known for her uncanny artistic ability to paint photorealistically--in a style so true-to-life that it resembles a photograph. In fact, the thirteenth painting she ever did won an award in a New York City exhibition for its realism. When you take into account that Camille is self-taught, and that painting was, in her words, “like telling me to speak Greek--I had no idea how to even dip the brush into the paint,” it’s clear that she’s got an abundance of talent that was waiting to be harnessed.

    “As a kid I drew and colored all the time,” Camille remembers. “My great aunt was extremely encouraging toward my art. She’d give me paper and pencil and I would draw things. I drew upside-down and when I showed them to people I’d turn them right side up. She’d say, ‘you were so little your brain hadn’t connected what you were seeing with what you were drawing.’”

    But Camille was, in her words, “a child of fifties,” and expected to be a secretary or teacher or accountant. “My mother had dreams of me being an accountant. She wanted me to take typing and math electives in high school but my dad said ‘leave her alone.’ So I did take an art elective, but I also took typing. I can still type.” And as for accounting, “if I’d become an accountant I’d probably be in jail right now, saying, ‘wait, what did I do wrong?’” Camille laughs. “Numbers are not my gift.”

    However, this prolific artist numbers every painting she does, and has from the very start, which is how she knows that lucky number thirteen was her first winner of many to come. It’s part of her goal of creating a traceable provenance for every piece she creates.

    Engel was identified in high school as a candidate for a prestigious vocational education program in Tulsa (where she grew up). She studied Commercial Art, which is what Graphic Design was called in those days.

    Even before she graduated Camille was employed by a local department store. “I pencil-illustrated everything for the newspaper--the shoes, lawn mowers, dresses--whatever they advertised in the newspaper,” close, detailed work that served her well years later when she transferred that skill for depicting realism to her fine art.

    Work at an ad agency and in logo design led to a move to Nashville and starting her own business at age 23. “My mom raised me to be very independent and confident,” Camille says. “She didn’t want me to be dependent on anybody else. I’m extremely grateful--she was looking out for me.”

    All the while, Camille says, she thought about painting. “I’d go to galleries and look at paintings and there was something in my gut that said ‘you can do this,’ but I had never done any painting.” And then came one fateful day in church. “My pastor said ‘if you have a dream that’s been burning inside of you and you’ve had it for awhile, it could be God guiding you. I want you to follow your dream.’ As soon as he said that I knew that for me, it was painting.”

    And from there, she never looked back. “I went out and bought brushes and paint and canvases. I called a local museum. I said ‘I’m old, I don’t have time to mess around, who is your best teacher?’” She was forty-five and embarking on a whole new career.

    That career has been extremely successful, with her very first bird painting winning an artist choice award for realism in a Sante Fe show for realism. (“That was a huge beginning,” she says. “That started the flow of bird paintings.”)

    We at GreenBox Art + Culture are thrilled to welcome Camille Engel into our community of artists. Her Trespasser series is a group of birds who appear to have popped right into the painting, just as they popped right into her studio one day. “I have a studio in my home,” she relays. “There are bird feeders surrounding the studio and water baths. I get to study them. In Nashville it’s usually too muggy and buggy to open studio doors to let a natural breeze in. But a few days are fabulous. This Trespasser series came about when one fabulous day I opened both my French doors to let the sun and breeze in. All these birds started coming in. A titmouse on my easel. Hummingbirds were attracted to a red background in the room. Cardinals on the couch. They were all coming in to my house like they lived there. So I thought what if they created their own little living spaces here? It’s been my most successful series.”

    And we are pleased to feature it, as well as other paintings by the talented Camille Engel, here at GreenBox.




  • Tea Towels - The Perfect Gift for the Holidays



    Tea Towels for Christmas Gifts

    Tea for Two and Tea Towels for You!

    The holidays are here, and that means a few of our favorite things happen all at once: gift-giving, entertaining, and time spent in the kitchen making our favorite treats. We are thrilled to introduce our new decorative tea towels, the artistic way to bring all of our favorite holiday elements together!

    Tea Towels for Gift-Giving

    Looking for an eclectic and unexpected gift for Mom? How about a gift for foodies: those friends or family members who love spending time trying new recipes and cuisines? Our art tea towels feature the artGolden Retriever Tea Towelwork of some of our top-selling artists, and they are 100% cotton and machine washable. So Moms and foodies can use them and display them: they're hard-working art for the kitchen. A gift-giving tip: wrap an art-print tea towel around a bottle of wine for an unusual and creative hostess gift!

    Tea Towels for Entertaining

    Some of our favorite ways to use tea towels in entertaining:

    Wrap up a teapot to keep it warm: the artistic print on the cozy towel adds an eclectic touch to teatime. It's an artistic tea cozy!

    Line a serving tray or serving basket: add a bright and cheerful touch to the tabletop or sideboard next time you set out a bowl of pretzels or chips. A tea towel elevates your party by adding a pop of color to simple snack bowls.

    Keep bread warm: rolls are ready but the turkey's not? No problem. Drape a bright, art-print tea towel over the bread to trap some of the heat until you're ready to serve. Or use the tea towel to line a bread basket and flip the corners over the rolls to keep them warmer longer on the table.

    Use as napkins: our tea towels are larger than average napkins, and brighter and more fun, too! Each guest will be delighted to see a high-quality art print waiting at his or her place at the table. Imagine how special and cheerful the table will look with an artistic tea towel at each place. (And, since they're absorbent and machine-washable, guests won't feel shy about putting them to use!)

    Tea Towels for the Kitchen

    These vivid and thirsty towels will make you smile every time you use them. It's a gift for the kitchen and a gift for yourself: even washing dishes is more fun when you're using a unique kitchen towel to do the drying. And when you're finished, drape these tea towels over the oven-door handle for instant kitchen art.

    Come Check them Out

    Browse our collection of decorative tea towels here. We know you'll love them as much as we do!

  • Show & Tell with Paula Prass

    When one thinks of carrying out a career "doing something I love", it can sound like an unattainable dream. Meet Paula Prass - artist, decorator, designer extraordinaire. She openly expresses her excitement for landing the dream job she's always wanted - and we think it's perfect for her! Paula Prass has a knack for creating beautiful designs, patterns, and artwork. We've been fans for years, and are so pleased to have Paula's beautiful artwork as part of our line, and another collection of hers in our Oopsy daisy line.

    Our fellow San Diegan has this to say on her profile: I am an artist who decided on interior design as a career, but couldn't stop there, so now I license my designs for art, home decor and fabrics and having the time of my life. This is my open journal, sketchbook, inspiration board and an outlet for my overactive imagination. Remember Show and Tell? The excitement of sharing and hoping others like it too? I wish to inspire, to be inspired and make new friendships along the way. Enjoy!! 

    It turns out Paula is also a darn good photographer, recently posting images of her newest pieces in the GreenBox line on her blog. We're always keen to tune in to style guidance, especially when it's from artists we admire.

    Check out Paula Prass' blog "Show & Tell" for inspiration, tutorials, ideas, and a front row seat to her many artistic endeavors. We all could use more creativity in our lives, so stop by, show and tell, and let Paula be your cicerone in an art-filled lifestyle.

  • Bold Patterns Abound

    We all have different styles and different levels of comfort in design. GreenBox Art + Culture celebrates those differences and we want to encourage you to mix it up! We love bold patterns and courageous combos. Mainly, we just love seeing someone’s personality shine through décor choices, creating a warm, happy atmosphere and calling it “home”.

    While some of us like just one statement making patterned piece per room, others can’t get enough. If you like the look of mixed bold patterns, but need a little assistance in making it happen, we’ve got a few tips from some top design websites.

    HGTV suggests:

    • Choose three or more patterns, because odd numbers work best in terms of design.
    • Balance your patterns by evenly distributing throughout the room, not all on one side.

    Houzz suggests:

    • Vary the scale of prints with small, medium, and large – limiting yourself to one large-scale fabric design.
    • Take baby steps and assess samples together to edit color and pattern scale. Don’t be afraid to give a pattern the boot if it’s not working well with the others you’ve chosen.

    Real Simple suggests:

    • Limit busy wallpaper to just one wall, as the focus, rather than all four walls.
    • Include one big solid in the room – on the sofa, floor, or wall.

    Most importantly, no matter what patterns you may follow, we’ve got the wall art décor to complete your perfect scene. We always suggest finding the perfect piece at the start, letting it be your inspiration for finding unifying bold pattern combinations. Don’t be shy, listen to the pros and jump in there!

  • Framed Canvas Wall Art Adds Dimension

    GreenBox Art + Culture has always offered custom canvas art made from high-quality, artist grade canvas gallery-wrapped around a wood frame. Your artwork arrives ready to hang on its own and makes a masterpiece out of your wall. But, did you know that we also offer framed canvas wall art? Many of our sizes come with the option of adding either a warm white or deep pewter shadowbox style frame. The frame's face is flush with the face of the canvas, creating a clean and crisp finish. GreenBox art doesn't need a frame to look gorgeous on a wall, but a frame will surely make it *pop*!

    Whether your choices of artwork for the home lean toward a more traditional style or contemporary wall art, our shadowbox frames will add a perfect finishing touch. Choosing multiple smaller pieces all in frames to create a grouping makes a real statement. Consider three or four of Rachel Austin's brilliant Poppy Collection lined in a row over your couch, all in white frames. Robert Kennedy's "Tied Up for the Night" in 40x30 framed in deep pewter makes a stunning focal point in a traditional den with a nautical theme.

    Framed canvas wall art is simply another option we offer to help you deck your walls and express your individuality. Sometimes, the frame around the art can be the icing on the cake that binds all of the surroundings together for clean harmony.

  • The Art of Mix and Match

    Artwork has to speak to you, only then can it find a place in your home. GreenBox Art + Culture seeks contemporary wall art for our line that evokes feeling and mood in art lovers searching to bring color to their walls. With so much variety, it can be tough to decide on just one. In fact, we encourage you to think outside the box, and turn your wall into a gallery. Mix and match our artwork by finding what you love, without feeling the need to only stick with one artist. While many artists have multiple pieces that work beautifully together, there are also tons of choices that work perfectly together by combining multiple artists' works.

    Look for your ideal color palette, subject matter, or size/layout to get your collection going. By grouping art, your walls go from being just the backdrop to the starring feature. While GreenBox tends to provide artwork on the more colorful side, there are plenty of options in the black & white and photography genres added in our latest collections.

    Be sure to use our search tools to help you narrow down your choices. We have products categorized by "theme", and also by "color". The color options show up under "Color" on the left side of the screen on our store page. Be bold, be brave, and be colorful.

    Mix and Match No. 1 - Bold Floral - Marigold and Pink by Steve Haskamp. View From Above by Creative Thursday by Marisa. Columns by Todd Clark. Blue Birds by Amy Paul. Creamery by Stephanie Corfee.

    Mix and Match No. 2 - Artwork by Andy Anh Ha. Artwork by Eli Halpin. Artwork by Flora Bowley. Artwork by Rachel Austin. Artwork by Gordon Hopkins. Artwork by Midori McCabe. Artwork by Angelo Franco. Artwork by Deborah Brenner. Artwork by Sally Bennett. Artwork by Donna Ingemanson.

  • It’s Time to Expand Your Wall Clock Home Décor

    Clocks that will Stand the Test of Time in Home Décor

    When it comes to personalizing your walls and your home, there are endless options that will enliven your space. We know we’re biased, but stretched canvas art really can transform a room. Additionally, there’s another wall décor accent that is not only an attractive feature, but serves a practical purpose as well. Wall clock home décor has always, and will continue to stand the test of time in artwork for the home.

    Sometimes forgotten articles in modern home décor, wall clocks are wonderful additions and great conversation starters. Just like our canvas wall art can be chosen to specifically distinguish your style and personality, there are wall clocks out there that you will love and want to show off right next to your fine art. Below are some of our finds, and suggested canvas wall art pairings. But, again, your style sets the stage for tons of possibilities.

    I. Ornate Antique: Vintage Warehouse Clock from Restoration Hardware with "Shows Off What Shows Up" by Jessica Robbins for GreenBox Art + Culture
    II. Eclectic Classic: Abigail Wall Clock from Z Gallerie with "Patriotic Patterns - Cool" by Jennifer Hill for GreenBox Art + Culture
    III. Crisp & Modern: Metal Gear Clock from Z Gallerie with "The Glory in Us" by Mark Lawrence for GreenBox Art + Culture
    IV. Retro Bold: Nelson Polygon Clock from Design Within Reach with "Mod Dog Shadow" by Eleanor Grosch for GreenBox Art + Culture

    And don't forget to look for antiques and classics that will undoubtedly bring a personal element to a traditional or modern home. Grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, and cuckoo clocks are all popular choices throughout history. This lovely image from Desire To Inspire shows a beautiful entryway featuring a classic grandfather clock. Flora Bowley's "Cocoon" stretched canvas art would be very complimentary to this traditional look. These fashionable décor additions can be treasured and passed down as family heirlooms for generations. Wouldn't you love to see what modern home décor your great-great grandchildren would pair with your beloved grandfather clock?

  • House Numbers - Functional Contemporary Wall Art

    The importance of your house’s street number visibility goes far beyond an outlet for personal style and contemporary wall art. We all know that the Fire Department, Police, Mailpersons, delivery drivers, etc. have got to clearly see your house number from the street. So, take it as an opportunity to personalize it, and really make a statement with your digit décor. When passers-by see your house numbers, functional contemporary wall art, it's viewed as merely another outlet where you've expressed your style.

    Luckily, these days there’s a multitude of house number options available for everyone from the modern minimalist to the classic craftsman. This small detail can be given major thought and draw compliments from your visitors for the custom contemporary wall art that it is.

    When it comes to number fonts, just like all art, the ones you’re drawn to will be personal. Available on the market, there’s modern, mission style, retro, art deco, and historic (to name a few). There are also plenty of DIY possibilities with found antique numbering, artificial turf numbers mounted on your choice of surface, this cool nail art idea, and of course hand-painted.

    Not only are the style options nearly endless, there are tons of ways to display your street number. Be it on a large, lovely tree, mailbox, or in your yard on a post- your front door is far from the only place to keep the number visible from the street.

    Regardless of your choice for personalizing this outdoor accent, remember its real purpose and it will draw exactly the kind of attention you want drawn to your abode.

  • Gifts for Graduates

    It's graduation time! Here's a roundup of gifts we think are great for just about any grad (kids, nieces, nephews, babysitters or what have you):

    These pirate coasters are just plain funny. Perfect response to the question grads hear ad nauseum, "What are you doing after graduation?" This'll show 'em!

    On a more serious note, this necklace by Kathy Bransfield offers a beautiful response to that very same question. Why not celebrate that optimistic "I'm going to change the world" mentality that so many grads have? (Having been one of those optimistic grads, we can tell you this necklace is a way better response than an eyeroll!)

    Serious of a different sort is this personalized laundry bag. Let's face it, there's only so much we can do to make sure our beloved grads do a little laundry now and then. Just give them this personalized bag and hope for the best.

    This Sky Planter isn't quite a graduation gift, per se, but we really do like it so we thought we'd include it. It's a fun way for first-time dorm dwellers or apartment-renters to get a little greenery without taking up any space. And it looks interesting and quirky, just like every first-year college students wants to be. So there you go.

    Finally, here's a beautiful, handmade graduation blanket. Seriously, why haven't we seen these before? It's a lovely idea for sending a loved one off to a new life. It's not flashy, not overtly sentimental, but it's a cozy, enveloping hug from home.

    And that's something from which we never graduate.

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