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GreenBox Art + Culture

  • Celebrate With Your Family This Earth Day 2013

    Our earth is a big place - HUGE! When faced with the changes happening all over our planet, it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, getting your kids interested and excited to learn about the world they live in can be simple and fun! Yes, there is a lot to learn - for the rest of our lives! But, take baby steps with your children to get them acquainted with the world right outside their doorstep. Look for events in your community to celebrate and work hard this Earth Day 2013 on April 22nd.

    If you and your family get to travel, remind your children about the different climates and landscapes you've visited. Your own town may have a beach and a desert very nearby! On car trips, you're unfortunately sure to see some litter and other evidence of people being careless with their surroundings. What a wonderful opportunity to encourage being responsible!

    While your little ones may see and realize the damage that we can easily do to our lovely surroundings, they may not know how to help or prevent it. Earth Day is a perfect time to join a group in a cleanup effort in your neighborhood, a park, or beach. When even a small group joins together (like your family!) big changes can happen quickly. Search for events and group gatherings online for trash pickup and cleanup in your community.

    Some other simple ways to get your kids involved in Earth Day 2013:

    1. Reuse and recycle plastic bags, and carry reusable totes to the store.
    2. Learn about your community's recycle programs if you're not already participating.
    3. Walk or ride a bike whenever you safely can instead of using your car.
    4. Pull weeds in the yard and garden instead of using herbicides.
    5. Plant a tree!

    Remind them how fun it is to swim in clean water, play in a clean park, and walk down a clean sidewalk. Now, listen to their ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day 2013!

    Source: Earth Day Network

    Featured Contemporary Wall Art: Find Beauty by Stephanie Corfee


  • Spring Decor for the Home

    GreenBox Art + Culture seeks out artwork for our line that brings a smile to your face.

    We love color and vibrance that leaps off the canvas and really warms up your walls. For springtime, we recommend a dose of color and whimsy, no matter your age or style. By bringing spring decor for the home into unexpected places, it not only livens up your living space, but it will brighten your outlook and refresh your surroundings. Selecting original artwork from artists around the world enables us to accumulate various styles to fit many types of homes. Our line's definitely got gorgeous options in both neutral and colorful palettes which can brighten up a room in their own way, so if you're seeking home decor to express how spring makes you feel and add dynamic whimsy to your atmosphere, here are some of our top decor picks along with colorful GreenBox artwork for the home.


    Whimsy and color don't necessarily mean "childish" and "immature". We see whimsy wherever an accent makes us smile and feel inspired. For those of us that enjoy a healthier dose of color in spring decor for the home, choose show-stopping accents that are impossible to ignore and will have your room bursting with happy hues. Caroline Blum's artwork Spring Blossoms is a gorgeous canvas that will have spring leaping off your wall. In a size 30x4, it makes a perfect centerpiece for your wall over a beige sofa or between windows draped in white. Bringing in a vibrant rug like this Betty Rug in Honey from Design Within Reach, adds a subtle splash of color. By keeping this bold accent relegated to the floor, the color doesn't overtake the room.

    Accent tables can be a great place to experiment with color, and offer the option of a simple DIY painting when the mood strikes. This contemporary Drum Stool/Table/Ottoman by Bend Seating is as eye-catching as it is versatile. Available in white, orange, or peacock blue, these options offer a safe and clever way to add color punch to your neutral decor. Brighten up a neutral sofa with a Kantha Throw from Ebay, then use it in your guest room once your living room color choices shift. Lastly, flowers are a perfect way to bring a feeling of spring indoors. Opt for wall art featuring ranunculus and peonies with Paula Prass's Ball Jar Series for a garden that requires no upkeep, but provides lasting and colorful beauty.


    For a more subtle approach to bringing spring indoors, whites, pastels, and metallics take center stage. Our neutral picks for spring decor for the home contain some unexpected accents that will have your guests taking a second look, and are sure to bring a smile. These Platinum Etched Wine Glasses from Jayson Home are destined to be a family favorite and passed down as classic heirlooms. Display these in a glass front cabinet or atop a buffet when not in use for functional and timeless decor. Mudpies and Other Recipes from Anthropologie is a delightful book that will be loved by everyone who takes a peek. Your coffee table shouldn't be ignored when perking up your place, so add this colorful conversation starter to bring common ground to a group of kids and adults, and excite the little ones for all the fun that spring brings.

    The Ikea PS Jonsberg Vase looks fabulous alone on an entry table or amongst books on your shelf, with one tall white gladiola or a bunch of blossoming branches from your favorite tree. It would also look nice as the centerpiece for your tabletop decor alongside World Market's Porcelain Cotton Crochet Placemat set in this fresh, spring shade. Keep these punches of pastel on the more mature side with plenty of fresh whites, neutrals, and natural wood. Our 5 Dancing Fawns artwork by Eli Halpin maintains a simple, yet contemporary color palette that will accentuate your decor throughout the year, and especially bring to mind the new life brought by spring. The Eartha Linen Throw Pillow from Tulu provides a flowery pink touch without going overboard. Add it to your sofa or armchair for a charming detail that won't steal the show.

    Whites or brights, we think it's time to freshen your surroundings with springtime decor. The smallest touches will renew your view and make you smile, and there's no denying that big and bold can't help but let the sunshine in. Our favorite tip? Bring in one, huge, favorite piece and create the Spring Equinox right in your living room: Magnolia Pod by Andrew Daniel in sizes up to 60x45. It's time to open those windows and let the fresh air renew your spirit!


  • Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year: Emerald Green for the Home

    When it comes to trends, none are more acknowledged in the fashion and decor world than Pantone's Color of the Year. As you may have heard, their top pick for 2013 is emerald green - a stunner of a color. While this color is easily added to wardrobes across the globe, sometimes it can be tough to incorporate into your home decor without recreating the Emerald City in the Land of Oz. So, we're here to offer some suggestions on how to embellish your surroundings with emerald green for the home.

    Sometimes, you've got something in mind, but are simply unable to find exactly what you're looking for. Case in point, our suggested mirror for the powder room couldn't be found in quite the shade of green that we were looking for. Simple fix: spray paint! Check out your local hardware store for the shade that would best suit your project and color palette. The green chosen for this ornate mirror really creates a bold focal point that's best offset by a calmer piece of stretched art, like this from Christy Tomlinson, keeping a small room like a powder room from feeling too busy. An interesting, yet soft-hued hand towel choice brings another dose of color without being too flashy. Vintage bottles in shades of blue and green would be another simple touch that would bring a lot of personality to a powder room.

    Our featured bedroom decor brings a heavy dose of emerald green for the home to the bed as the anchor for the entire room. Keep the look more mellow by bringing in black and white details that tie the artwork by Flora Bowley in perfectly with the all green coverlet. Throw pillows, a blanket at the foot of the bed, and simple white curtains will ensure a bright, clean look in this contemporary style bedroom.

    Another modern look is our suggested pairing with Jason Smith's wall art decor for the living room. A decidedly mod sofa offers a sleek silhouette, making a discriminating selection of only a few favorite pieces a perfectly adequate grouping for even a larger living room. Minimalism and modern go hand in hand.

    For a "parlour" look, seek antique and classic shapes to fill your space. The scenic landscape in Robert Kennedy's canvas wall art is a time-honored piece that will find a place in your family's home for years to come. With an old-fashioned vibe, it's not uncommon or uncouth to let your knick knacks and decor become a little more abundant. Heirlooms and vintage finds create wonderful conversational pieces and easily look at-home all together, regardless of color or theme. This look is about comfort and a little bit of antique luxury.

    Tweaking your decor with emerald green for the home brings a splash of current color and a vibrant new view. Bring in bold, color-soaked pieces, or let a little go a long way with emerald green. We've got artwork for the home to please any palate! Don't forget to follow our Pinterest board "Emerald Elegance for the Home".

  • Blue Canvas Wall Art to Chase Away the Winter Blues

    To battle the blues and blahs that can sometimes come along in the winter, liven up your space with a sea of blue hues. Shades of blue have been known to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation when used to decorate a room. While blue touches can be added throughout the decor of the room from wall color, to rugs, to drapes, blue canvas wall art gives the eye a place to rest in the room and will draw more than just a relaxed feeling from its viewers.

    Start by finding your perfect artwork in a shade of blue, or even pieces with only a tiny speck of blue! The way the blue is carried throughout the room will create the atmosphere you're looking for. Pick a full room of blue decor for a vibrant sea of tranquility, or strategic splashes of turquoise or cobalt for an injection of serenity. We've rounded up some gorgeous accents in shades of teal, turquoise, and navy along with a lovely blue canvas wall art pairing to fit in to a multitude of living space styles. Start with a work of art that speaks to you and takes you to that place of peacefulness, be it a seaside escape or a wintry wonderland, and keep your eyes peeled for finds to add to the mix.

    Once you open your eyes to hues of blue, you'll be amazed at how just the right shade can fit into your existing decor. Or, maybe you'll be inspired to make your surroundings a pool of blue, floor to ceiling awash in cerulean.


  • Do You Fondue?

    Cliche? Check. Throwback? Check. Fun and delicious? Check and check! Yes, fondue has a reputation for being"cheesy", but it's time to take it back to the start. Cheesy is the idea, but with Gruyere and Emmental, if you please. If you're drawing a blank on Valentines ideas this year, try this on for size

    Fondue is the quasi-forgotten pastime that brings friends and family close, to find delight in swirling delicious bits of dippers into your choice of velvety sauce. Thank you, Switzerland! This Valentine's Day, don't bother fighting the crowds to squeeze in a romantic dinner at some fancy restaurant. They are all full of couples with the same idea, taking reservations at 9 and 10 o'clock because the restaurant's completely booked all evening. Now who's cliche?

    If you're looking for a way to embark on a new tradition, try fondue this Valentine's Day. The two of you will find it romantic, ensuring a fun interactive dinner; or the kids can join in and make it an enjoyable family affair. A simple, classic Cheese Fondue recipe will please everyone- especially when choosing dippers! Select your favorite breads, blanched fresh veggies, roasted baby potatoes, and cured meats. The ingredients of the fondue are key- choose an appropriate wine or beer to add to the cheese, and make that your accompanying beverage for this portion. Cornstarch is the source of the velvety texture, keeping the cheese nice and smooth.

    Then, finish off the night with a delectable Chocolate Fondue - sure to bring a satisfied smile to everyone at the table. For Chocolate Fondue dippers, the sky's the limit! Try cubes of pound cake, fresh fruit, your favorite cookies, pretzels, marshmallows (how about peppermint flavored!), or even... bacon! The gang will love experimenting and trying fun ingredient ideas with the whole family. Maybe you'll get some new favorite combos.

    So, of course, with every fun pursuit, there are always matters of etiquette. You know the drill- no double dipping, no dribbling from the pot to your mouth, don't dip with your fingers, and no dropping items into the abyss (this will cost you a round of drinks- according to tradition!) But, you can handle all that. Don't forget a special bottle of bubbly to start the night... and Voila! Let the fondue fun begin!

     1. Crate and Barrel     

    2. Williams Sonoma


  • Now That's Punny Stuff!

    If we ruled the world, puns would be the official language. You know, the "orange you glad I didn't say banana?" variety that the very young and the very elderly alike find hilarious. Even though we don't fit into either of those categories anymore/yet, there's no linguistic feat we love more than a good pun.

    Which makes us nostalgic every Valentine's Day. There is quite simply no better treasure trove of puns than vintage Valentines. Usually, it's the rose-lipped lovelies and doily-decorated beauties that get all the nostalgic attention from vintage-card aficionados. But to our mind, these old puns prove that they just don't make 'em like they used to.

    Here are some of our favorites, along with our best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day!


  • Style How You Like: Modern or Traditional Decor

    Artwork should speak to a person and evoke a mood or feeling - personally to each of us. We all have our own style, our own taste, and a will to surround ourselves with what we think is beautiful. At GreenBox Art + Culture, we let the artwork speak for itself, and hope you find works that suit who you are. We don't want our art to be perceived as one particular style, it can find a home in various types of settings, however you see fit. We'd like to give an example of thinking differently about our art by showing Amy Paul's beautiful artwork in two unique settings, as modern or traditional decor.

    Our modern example has an unconventional color choice for the sofa and modern lines in the overhead lighting, as well as the floor lamp. The bold graphics on the rug are eye catching while its color palette is harmonious with the grays in the wall color and wall art. We're showing a grouping of similarly themed canvas wall art by Amy Paul that lend themselves to modern decor and have a bold, dark quality to keep the look edgy. Metal and wood accents on the side table bring an industrial and geometric style addition.

    A traditional room is also a perfect setting for artwork by Amy Paul. Little Birds Big World is a Mural that Sticks in a size 54x54, which makes a gorgeous statement against a beige wall color. When keeping the main pieces of the room, such as the sofa and rug, in more neutral shades, it creates a calm and classic space. A chandelier type overhead light is an elegant accent that brings glamour to the room without taking away comfort. Opting for a solid wood pedestal side table gives you a very versatile piece of furniture that will be a favorite for many years. An ottoman is perfect for a family setting acting as a foot rest or coffee table when needed. Lastly, this floor lamp is a bold piece of furniture in chocolate to be a chameleon for whatever decor you may transition to.

    Regardless of your current personal style and taste, don't let it limit your choices in artwork for the home. If a piece of wall art decor speaks to you, own that piece of art and make it work with your surroundings. All it takes is your happiness and fondness of your possessions to create harmonious home decor.

    All products can be found by clicking their links above.

  • Brighten Your Day with a Colorful Desktop Wallpaper

    If your weekdays consist of long hours looking at a computer screen, you may be in need of some light in your life. No matter how rewarding your work may be, it never hurts to add sunshine and happiness through color to your daily surroundings. A simple step in getting a refresh from the daily grind is adding a colorful desktop wallpaper to your inanimate work partner.

    You may already be a huge fan of Agnes Pierscieniak like we are, but if you aren't familiar with her style - check it out pronto! Her artwork will transport you to a desirable place, be it a sunny Cabo beach, or an evergreen wooded escape full of shadows and light. Based on her sunny days in LA, she creates her artwork by collecting shadows and playing with color.

    Bring a daily dose of Vitamin C(olor) to your work-life surroundings. Even a mental escape to someplace far away can bring peace to your everyday chaos. Download these free colorful desktop wallpapers, No. 07 and No. 08, by Agnes Pierscieniak from her blog Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Color Your World and make your life a little more artful.

  • Designer Wall Decals are a Fresh Fine Art Option

    GreenBox Art + Culture has seen the success of Oopsy daisy's fabric wall decals Peel & Place as an affordable fine art solution that's entirely flexible. Our customers love that they can get a piece of artwork that can cover a large area for a lower price, without sacrificing style or quality. So, we've taken this idea of adjusting our existing artwork favorites to be applied as wall decals from Oopsy to GreenBox! We'd like to introduce our newest member of the fine art family, our Designer Wall Decals. They're made from the same fabric based wall decal material as Oopsy daisy decals, so they won't damage or mark your walls, they're repositionable, and a snap to put up!

    You may think that wall decals in the home decor world are nothing new, but ours are much different than the vinyl wall stickers you see everywhere. GreenBox Designer Wall Decals are fabric based, meaning they won't stretch or rip like many vinyl wall decals out there. They're also created from our best-selling canvas wall art designs, bringing you a new option to get the look you crave on your wall. Our Designer Wall Decals are a more affordable alternative at a larger size that will add immediate impact to your room.

    Lastly, we're proud of the quality of the art, color, and detail in our Designer Wall Decals, which you rarely find in most single-color vinyl wall stickers. Since they're based on current GreenBox works, they've got the same detail as in the canvas art, which often requires a double-take to see if it's an original! We attain this level of detail with the same giclee print method as our canvas artwork reproductions. The quality, color, and detail are paramount to us, as we print our Designer Wall Decals right alongside the rest of our artwork line, right here in our San Diego, California studio.

    Graphic Flowers by Molly Bernarding
    5 Dancing Fawns by Eli Halpin
    U Are Funky by Melanie Mikecz

  • Stretched Canvas Art Perfect for the Kitchen

    Whether you're the host or the guest, when asked, we're pretty certain you'd say the kitchen is the most popular spot in the house for party congregation. Some of us are lucky enough to have a kitchen that opens to a larger area that can actually accommodate large groups, ensuring the cook doesn't miss out on any of the fun! With all that attention to an integral part of one's home, you want it to look fab! We're here to help accomplish that and show you our stretched canvas art perfect for the kitchen!

    While fruit, vegetable, and "kitcheny" things are obvious and popular themes, we've got some more tricks up our sleeve to inspire. How about a sunny set like this Cabo Series by Agnes Pierscieniak for an interesting and bright effect? We also think Shelly Kennedy's Sweet Sayings collection goes great in any room, especially a room your guests will already feel comfortable in. Travel is another theme that would go perfectly in a kitchen, what better conversation starter than artwork focusing on a place everyone would love to visit?

    What we're trying to convey is that there's no rule that says artwork for the kitchen has  to focus on a food theme. In fact, your home style should be fluid throughout, from room to room. Moreover, take the opportunity to bring color to your kitchen that coordinates with your chosen artwork with a creative backsplash. Don't sacrifice your personal taste and artwork that speaks to you because of a rule you've been led to think exists. You've got to be creative in the kitchen!

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