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GreenBox Art + Culture

  • Popular Pins from Pinterest

    GreenBox Art + Culture loves design! We love it so much, that's practically all we think about. Looking for fabulous items to surround yourself with and make your home beautiful makes us tick! Therefore, Pinterest is not only a pastime for us, it's turned into a way of life. We look at our popular pins from Pinterest to see what inspires you. Not only do we strive to inspire you, we look to you to inspire us.

    With all these ideas and pretty pictures, Pinterest is not only an inspirational paradise, it's downright fun! You can find DIYs, room designs, color combos, and interior design ideas you've never dreamed of. We also love all the entertaining ideas and recipes, but just wish we had time to try them all!

    We find our most popular pins of interiors lean toward a modern vibe. Our "Modern Living Room" pin has the appeal of a wide open space and no clutter. The white, gray, and chrome used throughout the space is clean and relaxing. We would recommend some canvas wall art from Andy Anh Ha to warm up this room, while keeping it modern and simple. "Nook" is also a more modern space, but definitely a cozy one! A cluster of Eleanor Grosch's small, graphic works in a warm modern color palette would keep the style of this small space warm and inviting. These two pins come from our "For the Home" and "Simple Solutions" boards, respectively.

    With boards featuring "Outdoor Living" to "Plant Life", we seek out many aspects of a design-happy lifestyle.  Our "Gallery Walls" board is very helpful in lending creative inspiration for wall art layout, and gallery style wall decor with other personal objects. With these boards along with our featured artist boards and stretched art offerings, you'd better believe that once again, we've got your walls covered.


  • National List of Best Neighborhood Light Displays

    Thank you, Redfin! We searched and searched to find a compilation of the best holiday light displays out there across the country, and Redfin has delivered. We know our loyal customers reside from sea to shining sea, so we wanted to spread the word of nearby neighborhoods that would be worth the trek this holiday season to take in some festive light-seeing! We luckily stumbled upon Redfin's national list of best neighborhood light displays.

    If you're like us, you view the holiday season as a fleeting time where you want to cram in all the fun and holiday happiness you and your brood can stand. Putting up your own traditional holiday decorations is a fun project that can take up the better part of a Saturday, and also a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears. Celebrate all your hard work by enjoying others' efforts. Heck, enjoy others' efforts with no hard work this year if you don't feel like it! There's no rule that says you must outdo your neighbor in the holiday decorations department.

    These are simply the "top" five neighborhoods, decided by Redfin, the neighborhood gurus:

    1. Brooklyn, NY - Dyker Heights

    2. Baltimore, MD - Miracle on 34th Street

    3. Portland, OR - Peacock Lane

    4. Austin, TX - 37th Street

    5. Philadelphia, PA - South 13th Street

    Check out Redfin's blog, or simply Google "light displays" with the name of your city for a good place to start! It's fun for the whole family, and a great distraction on these winter nights when it gets dark so early, you want to head to bed at 7:00 PM!


  • Giving Art as a Gift

    Few holiday acts make a statement as bold as giving art as a gift. It's bold for a couple reasons: one, the giver is gifting something that is meant to be displayed, and two, the giver is telling the recipient something about how he or she views the relationship and the recipient. If you give a painting of a dog to a person who can't stand dogs, for example, what does that say about how well you really know that person?

    But giving art as a gift is a creative and personal thing to do, and it's nearly always appreciated. And it does not need to be a daunting task. Here are a few tips on finding the perfect piece of art for someone else's wall:

    1. Make a list. Describe the recipient with a few words. Funny? Serious? Stylish? Traditional? When you look at an individual piece, determine whether this same list can be used to describe the piece of art. If so, you're on the right track.

    2. Visualize. What does this person's home look like? Lots of reds, or tons of antiques, or Danish modern furniture? How would a particular piece of art fit into that decor?

    3. Size it up. There are many, many options for canvas size. Here at Green Box Art + Culture, pieces are available in a variety of sizes (24x24, 39x39, 48x48, 36x72, get the idea), and there are square pieces, horizontal rectangles, verticle rectangles--a whole lot of choice. So, do you want to go with one large piece? Or one small? Or a combo or grouping? You can be as creative with the sizes and shapes as you can with the pieces thmeselves.

    4. Search. Our website is set up for browsing. Start with color, or subject matter, or your price range, or find an artist whose work reminds you of the recipient and discover the variety of pieces he or she has created.

    5. Click. Do it! Our fine art canvases are custom-made, hand-stretched, packed and shipped ready to hang. It's our goal to share the gift of fine art, and it's our mission to give you the tools you need to give a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

    Happy Holidays, and Happy Shopping!

  • Getaway Decor for a Woodland Cabin Retreat

    Vacation homes are intended to be inviting retreats where you escape the daily grind. This makes it essential to decorate your vacation home with pleasant decor that will make you feel at home, but away from home. Decor for a woodland cabin should fit in nicely to its surroundings, while still representing your taste and style. Is it possible to maintain your contemporary style with rustic accents? Can a “classic cabin” be pulled off in a non-traditional way? Sure! Think of the possibilities...

    We've taken some inspiration from Sunset Magazine where they show that wood is the word when outfitting a vacation cabin. Plywood paneling provides a feeling of warmth, is easy on the wallet, and provides a backdrop that can accommodate modern to traditional styles. Design Shuffle shows us how to bring sleek, contemporary furniture into a cabin without sacrificing the comfort you seek on your getaways. For color palette inspiration, we've touched on decorating with the power couple color combo of red and green that goes beyond holiday decor. What better place than a wooded cabin retreat to use this perfect color scheme? Regardless of the time of year, red and green warms a room.

    When it comes to the fine details of your haven's surroundings, start by bringing the outdoors in. Trek around your cabin, gathering sticks and greenery to work in simple glass vases; and stones that have unique qualities to use in the base of the arrangements or to fill decorative clear containers. Next, consider wall decor that mimics your wooded setting. Of course, we've got wall art that features trees to mirror the style of the forest out your window, or more modern representations. Oil painter Eli Halpin has a vast collection of wall art inspired by life in the woods that has a dark quality - perfect for the winter months in a cozy den. Intricate Deer by Valentina Ramos is a classically modern custom canvas art piece that is a perfect fit for a neutral color palette in a comfy cabin, while Todd Clark's bird artworks fit in flawlessly with a forest themed cabin.

    For a fun and harmless twist on the traditional wall decor of animal head trophies many hunters admire, we love the faux taxidermy look for a quirky and peaceful addition to the hunting lodge feel. White Faux Taxidermy has whatever you need in whatever color tickles your fancy. A hot pink stag on the wall could be the missing piece you've been looking to add to your modern retreat. Just remember that your home away from home is ultimately there to make you happy and conjure the relaxing feelings that are imperative for a tranquil retreat, so decorate how you've always wanted to and throw caution to the wind!




  • Personalized Ornaments

    Have you ever noticed how often the word "ornament" is preceded by the word "treasured?" One particular ornament can bring us back years, even decades, to the time when the treasured ornament first came into our lives (see? We just did it too!). Here at Green Box Art + Culture, we're always on the lookout for ways to bring both art and a personal, treasured touch into your home. That's why we love these personalized ornaments--

    they combine two of our favorite things.

    Each ornament is personalized with the recipient's name and the year. The holiday icons give them a timeless feel, while the combination of prints and coordinating colors is decidedly modern. Which adds up to an instant heirloom--one that's appreciated in the short term and gains meaning as time goes on. Check out the new baby ornaments, which are a lovely, artistic way to commemorate a little one's first holiday.

    These of course look great on a tree, but we have seen them used in other terrific ways, like as napkin rings, place cards and, adorably, as gift tags. If you have other ways to use these little gems, er, treasured ornaments, please let us know--we love your creativity!



  • Fabric Featuring Art by GreenBox Artists

    Artists have a vision, and we love to view those visions. Some artists of the GreenBox Art + Culture collection have their artwork on different surfaces so that you can bring their art into many parts of your life. We are undeniably partial to enjoying their creations at eye-level as wall art. But, another medium many artists have graced their talents with is cloth. We've run across quite a few websites that offer fabric featuring art by GreenBox artists.

    Whether you are a DIYer, or you're just looking for the perfect fabric to have something made to accent your interior design, you'll find that some of these fabrics plus our artwork are a match made in décor heaven!

    Here are some of our recent finds with links to our artists' collections in our line + their fabric offerings.

    Annette Tatum and her fabric collection on her website

    Carter Carpin and her fabric collection in her Etsy shop 

    Creative Thursday by Marisa and her fabric collection The Red Thread

    Eleanor Grosch and her fabric collection Mixteca

    Linda Ketelhut and her fabric collection on her website

    Paula Prass and her fabric collection on Show & Tell

    Stephanie Corfee and her fabric collection with Spoonflower

    Steve Haskamp and his fabric collection Picked Sweet

    Valentina Ramos and her fabric collection on Spoonflower



  • Gift Guide from GreenBox

    Stretched canvas wall art may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for friends and family this holiday season, but we want you to rethink how you think! GreenBox Art + Culture has customizable artwork that any family would love to receive this holiday season. Wall art décor can be most fitting holiday gifts for families.

    Nothing adds the personal touch to a present like adding the recipient’s name to the gift itself. We’ve been in the name-game for years with our Oopsy daisy line, and have now incorporated a few pieces into GreenBox. “Love for the Family” by Cory McBee is a beautiful, Art Nouveau-esque piece that will look stunning in any contemporary home. Personalize it with the family’s last name for an heirloom they’ll cherish for years.

    We’ve also just introduced the “Wherever We Are Together” collection by Rachel Mosley featuring different styles of houses and family name personalization. Choose the house that is most befitting to your recipient (it could even be their “dream home” for apartment dwellers!) for a very personal gift.

    Shelly Kennedy’s “Merry & Bright” canvas wall art in our Oopsy daisy line is a tasteful and classic holiday decoration. Your friends will want to leave this lovely wall art up year round!

    Even without personalization, GreenBox artwork for the home can be a fantastic and personal gift that is a guaranteed homerun. Cory McBee has some lovely new pieces sure to warm your heart. And lastly, our beloved “Sweet Sayings” collection by Shelly Kennedy goes well with almost any décor; and is perfect in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, or any room. Each custom canvas art comes with its own saying that will bring a smile to your friend’s face, especially because it, along with any of our wall art pieces you choose, will always make them think of you.

  • Creative Knitting

    All knitting is creative knitting, right? That's true, but some knitting is more creative than others.

    We're loving a couple brilliant products that knit away, slowly but steadily, as you go on about your life.

    First there's the knitting chair, formally called “Rocking Knit” and created by Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex. It puts a whole new spin on the concept of an elderly grandma sitting and knitting. In fact, we're guessing that's why these two cheeky guys used an elderly, grandfatherly type to show it off: they're having a blast playing around with that time-honored notion. The way it works is this--have a seat and rock. That's it. The rocking movement of the apparatus causes the yarn to be knitted into a hat.

    Equally soothing, but more deeply moving on a soul-ful level (at least for us) is this knitting clock by designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen. (And if you have some time on your hands, check out this brilliant designer's site--her work will take your breath away!) This clock is formally known as the "365 Knitting Clock" for an absolutely perfect reason. The working clock knits one single stitch every half hour. That's a complete circle every day. In one year, this clock produces a 2-meter scarf.

    The symbolism is irresistible: Ring in the new year by putting on a scarf that contains every minute of the previous year, all knit together into a warm and useful whole. Beautiful.

    It's art in the every day, just the way we like it.

  • Tyson Anthony Roberts' Continual Movement

    Rojo Projects: Tyson Anthony Roberts' Body of Work

    Landscape artist Tyson Anthony Roberts does things his way, and with a purpose. Make that two purposes: to make nice pictures and create a “feedback loop”, according to his recent feature on And make no mistake - his superb, unique style hasn’t come without effort. He admits to really finding his painting methods through challenging himself to experiment with new styles, the study of art history, and failed paintings along with persistence to create something new that seems familiar.

    In this interesting article surrounding Tyson’s practices as an artist, you’ll find that he’s actually very methodical in creating his works of art. While his feedback loop most likely functions as a smooth mental motion, it is no less of a necessary stepping-stone in his process. He confides that his methods of landscape portrayal are in many ways unexplainable, despite the familiarity he’s able to still evoke in his works.

    Tyson Anthony Roberts’ use of modern methods and stark representation of landscapes is a breath of fresh air for those viewers looking for comfort in a familiar subject matter in their art, but with a direction of bold ingenuity. While familiar to the viewer, he hopes to present the scenes as if they’re in constant transition. “It is through this idea of continual movement by which my work suggests that the places we know are always changing, whether we are ready or not.”


    Shop GreenBox Art + Culture's bold collection of Tyson Anthony Roberts reproductions. See the full feature article on Tyson Anthony Roberts and his other original works of art to learn more.

  • How to Choose Art: Creating a Personal Time Capsule

    Here at Green Box Art + Culture, we love to help people navigate the question of how to choose art.

    That's why

    we have made it as easy as possible

    for you to get fine art canvases for your walls, with over 700 different pieces available. Our method is dividing things into categories, like artist, theme, and color.

    Not everyone uses this method, of course, and we are intrigued by a collector named Jason Rubell, who answered the question of how to choose art by picking contemporary pieces that spoke to him. Sounds pretty straightforward, until you learn that he chose these pieces between the ages of 13 and 21. Oh, and did we mention his collection, on display until January 6, 2013 at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, includes works by Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman?

    What a terrific back-story. Rubell graduated from Duke in 1991, and this show is called Time Capsule, Age 13 to 21: The Contemporary Art Collection of Jason Rubell. The pieces are ones he collected until his graduation, when they were displayed as a group for the first time. 

    Now, before we get too carried away about prescient tastes and an uncanny eye, let's remember that there also has to be some money involved--we were fans of Keith Haring's early work too, for example, but had to wait until his collaboration with Swatch to "collect" a piece of his work, in this case, a red watch with a gray and black face. Even then, an original Haring would have been way out of our price range.

    But we certainly don't begrudge Rubell his success. It's a great story and an exciting collection. And he inspires us anew in our commitment to make fine art affordable for all. At Green Box Art + Culture, you'll find a carefully curated collection of canvas prints by artists who are well-known and by ones who are up-and-coming. That gives you the chance to create a personalized collection of the prints that grab you. Who knows? Maybe an emerging artist whose print you choose by will end up making Cindy-Sherman-sized waves in the art world.

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